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Holiday Gift Baskets


Terry Melancon Sr.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Thanksgiving is not often thought of as a gift giving holiday yet thousands of bosses give turkeys to their employees for their Thanksgiving dinners. Families gather together for a Thanksgiving dinner with many members bringing a Holiday Gift Basket for their share of the dinner while their guests bring Holiday Gift Baskets for being invited to share in the celebration. Thanksgiving Day is a day to give thanks so why not surprise someone this year with a Holiday Gift Basket just because they are special to you and you want to express your appreciation to them.

In many families the Thanksgiving holiday extends to a four day holiday or mini vacation as we travel far and wide to visit family and friends. It has become a holiday associated with dining in or out so food baskets for this particular holiday seem most appropriate for giving Holiday Gift Baskets. If we are the travelers from afar your Holiday Gift Baskets could include snack foods such as nuts, candy or popcorn. A small box of different jellies to go with your breakfast toast might be welcome. Different kinds of coffees, teas or cocoa could be added to your Holiday Gift Baskets. We will be enjoying some ones hospitality for more than a meal so we should consider that in the giving of our Holiday Gift Baskets. Adding a new game to play or a deck of cards or even some movie passes would bring delight to our Holiday Gift Baskets. Should we not want to carry our Holiday Gift Baskets we could order them beforehand and have them delivered on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day? Don’t put off ordering your Holiday Gift Baskets if they are to be delivered on time.

If you discover that you might be alone for Thanksgiving it would be a great time to contact someone who is recovering from an illness and your Holiday Gift Basket could be Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t fret because you are too tired to cook, you can order a Thanksgiving dinner from your local food market and the cost is quite reasonable. Many restaurants also provide take out dinners as your Holiday Gift Baskets. If you are unable to do this by yourself join in with a couple other people and offer to bring a pie or two as your Holiday Gift Basket. But remember here too that you must order early enough if you expect your Holiday Gift Baskets to be ready.

If you should be invited to share the holiday with someone at the last minute and you have nothing to bring you could always order Holiday Gift Baskets to be sent as a thank you after the event.

Of course Christmas is one of the most gifting occasions of the year and giving Holiday Gift Baskets is always appropriate. They can be small Holiday Gift Baskets or they can be very elaborate Holiday Gift Baskets, it is your choice. They can be food baskets, wine baskets, candy baskets or product baskets. In fact Holiday Gift Baskets can contain almost anything you can imagine. The internet will provide you with many possibilities and all you have to do is order it and Holiday Gift Baskets are on the way. It is a very easy way to take care of some of your giving, or maybe all of it.

If you have the time and energy and enjoy putting together Holiday Gift Baskets you certainly can have the fun of putting them together yourself. Be sure and consider how they will get to their destination, are you going to delivery them or will your Holiday Gift Baskets have to be mailed. If your Holiday Gift Baskets have to be mailed get them to the Post Office early enough. After all your work you don’t want them arriving late.

Holiday Gift Baskets can be very personal or not, it depends on what you want to give. When ordering be explicit and if that particular company is not agreeable, try another.

This applies to all Holiday Gift Baskets for whatever holiday. Holiday Gift Baskets are big business and companies want you to come back again so they should try very hard to please you.

Holiday Gift Baskets are appropriate for corporations, co-workers, acquaintances, family and friends. Think about or find out all you can about the recipient so the Holiday Gift Baskets you give will really represent you and will be appreciated as much as you want them to be.

Gift certificates make excellent Holiday Gift Baskets for some people. Gift certificates can be from stores, movies, concerts, sporting events, ski lifts, trips, plane or train tickets, or whatever else someone might enjoy and of course it depends on your budget. You can buy small baskets and place the certificates in them if you wish.

If New Year’s Holiday Gift Basket is a new thought to you remember it’s for a new year and we have another chance to start over. Maybe some relationship went awry in the old year and you want to make amends. Maybe just a note could be your Holiday Gift Basket. Your Holiday Gift Baskets could be an invitation to some event you want your friends to go to and of course you are going too.

A friend is giving a New Years Eve party and you could send a Holiday Gift Basket of party favors, or something you know they might like for the party. Food Holiday Gift Baskets are always a good thing, especially party foods. A Holiday Gift Basket of decorations for the party would be a surprise. It might be wise to ask first to find out the right kind of decorations. Wine would always be a great Holiday Gift Basket for New Years.

The next holiday is Valentines and of course it’s a love holiday. Depending on who you are sending Holiday Gift Baskets to, it can be very personal or just a fun Holiday Gift Basket.

Valentine’s Day is very exciting to children and they would love a Holiday Gift Basket just for themselves. Grandparents can surprise their grandchildren with a Holiday Gift Basket on Valentine’s Day. Children can also surprise their grandparents with a Holiday Gift Basket on this day of love. If they are quite little a large homemade valentine would make a Holiday Gift Basket.

And of course it is a great holiday for lovers to give a Holiday Gift Basket to each other.

It is the holiday that husbands must not forget. Wives must receive a Holiday Gift Basket or you will be in the doghouse for a long time. It does not have to be an elaborate Holiday Gift Baskets just something that is important to them. A bottle of their favorite perfume, flowers, chocolates or just a very special card expressing how much you love her would make a Holiday Gift Basket she could brag about. Husbands remember it is you she is bragging about.

Easter is a built in Holiday Gift Baskets event. It starts with the children receiving an Easter Holiday Gift Basket. Candy seems to be the main product of Easter Holiday Gift Baskets but we could give food, clothes or flowers in our Holiday Gift Baskets.

If your children are away at school they would certainly like to receive a Holiday Gift Basket for Easter. Filling the Holiday Gift Basket with homemade goodies would be very special.

For the Memorial Day holiday it would be a good time to send a Holiday Gift Basket to someone who is still remembering the loss of a loved one. A food Holiday Gift Basket would be appropriate along with a note sharing the loss of their loved one with them.

We don’t often think of Holiday Gift Baskets associated with July 4th but it is a day associated with picnics and along with this thinking we might send a picnic basket filled with picnic goodies to someone special to us. Paper goods could be appropriate such as matching paper cups, plates and tablecloth to be used at a summer picnic. Bar-b-cues are popular and anything associated with bar-b-cues would be appropriate in a Holiday Gift Basket.

We don’t think of Holiday Gift Baskets being associated with Labor Day either, but if you have a special boss that you really appreciate a token Holiday Gift Basket might be appreciated. Likewise if you are a boss and have a valued employee you might express your appreciation with a token Holiday Gift Basket.

Then there is Secretaries Day and Boss’s Day which is not considered holidays but a Holiday Gift Basket could be given and I believe would be received with delight. A Holiday Gift Basket is always welcomed for whatever the occasion may be it could be just because I want to send you a Holiday Gift Basket.

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