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First Sign Of Your Lifestyle – Porch Furniture


Adam Peters

As you enter the house, the first thing you see is the furniture in the porch and the patio. The first glance at this decides your opinion regarding the house. Hence, the porch furniture should reflect your life style.

Love At First Sight – Porch Furniture

Your guest comes into your house through the porch and immediately makes an intelligent guess about you. If he/she likes it is probable that you will make immediate friendship with your guest. Hence, make sure that your life style is reflected in the porch furniture that you select.

Modern Life style Porch Furniture

The modern life style uses lot of chrome, glass and stainless materials as the material is long lasting and virtually maintenance free. The only care that you require is just dusting and cleaning. The steel furniture requires no polishing or waxing like the wooden furniture.

Hence, if you are a modern person or wish to maintain a contemporary lifestyle, your porch furniture has to be all glass, chrome, and stainless steel. The furniture is light and can be moved around the place easily.

Period Life Style Porch Furniture

Period life styles cannot be complete without the wrought iron furniture. The wrought iron furniture was in vogue during the sixteenth and seventeenth century and if you are adopting the royal life style, you have to have the wrought iron or the cast iron furniture. Furniture has to be matched by the period lifestyle furnishing like drapes and matching period rugs. The furniture tends to be heavy and moving this kind of furniture is generally not desired. Wood can also be used in such furniture and the wood furniture tends to be heavy too.

Period Life Style Porch Furniture

The porch furniture in such cases is generally light and may be made of wood or glass & chrome. The use of glass in such cases tends to be light and the stress is more utility value rather than the show. The furniture is generally light and can be moved easily. Materials Used In Porch Furniture

Glass: Toughened diamond cut glass is used for making the furniture. The thickness is generally more than ” and care has to be taken to see that the glass is placed on the furniture with care and it does not slip any time. This can be disastrous if the glass slips to the ground. The glass may not break but it will definitely cause injury, sometimes serious.

Wood: Veneer board or the pressed boards look cheap in the porch furniture. Any wood that can take a polish with or without high gloss is ideal for porch furniture.

Wrought Iron: Normally the wrought iron is painted pristine white or jet-black. Wrought iron furniture with other colors does not look as elegant as black or white color.

Care Of Porch Furniture

Care of the furniture with modern life style is minimal. The glass and chrome furniture does not require and polishing and just dusting every day is good enough.

The wrought iron furniture requires regular painting if you wish to retain the look to its original conditions. This means that some pieces of furniture will have to be removed for cleaning and painting. This would mean that some pieces of furniture have to be kept as extra to replace the furniture removed for painting. Apart from painting wrought iron does not require any maintenance. Wooden furniture has to be polished at regular intervals to keep them in new conditions.

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Pouring A Concrete Garage Floor

By David Karlson

Anyone who has the desire and the proper training can effectively pour their own concrete garage floor. Many people do not even try doing this job on their own because of many different factors. Obvious questions that come to mind include what tools are required, how the existing floor or ground prepared is, what materials are needed and how to prepare and form the concrete. Another valid question is how to finish the job once the concrete is poured.

There are a number of tools required for the job. Some of the basic ones include a hammer, saw and nails, a wheelbarrow, shovel. You will also need concrete finishing tools such as trowels and a finishing broom for cleaning and leveling the surface. If you do not have your own tools, then you can borrow them or rent them quite easily. Most people will have the basics but not everyone will have their own trowel or wheel barrow. Lastly, you will need concrete. The amount depends on the thickness and square footage of flooring you are preparing. The average thickness of a poured concrete floor is between four and six inches. To reinforce the concrete you will need either mesh or rebar.

Before pouring your concrete garage floor, you must make sure you have a solid ground surface first. The ground should be hard and compact. If it is an untouched ground surface, it should be ok to begin. If the ground has been previously dug up then you are going to need to pack it down before proceeding. However, some people suggest that you make footers into the ground before you pour any concrete. The footer runs the entire perimeter of the garage floor.

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Wooden boards are used to build your form. You cannot pour a concrete garage floor without having some sort of form to hold the concrete until it dries. Make sure all your corners are square before pouring any concrete. I hope that when you are ready to pour it is not a hot dry day, as the concrete could set too fast. If it sets too fast, it may not be as sturdy as what it should be. It should pour easily when it has been thoroughly mixed. Leveling the surface is done with a tool called a wooden float. As it dries, you will want to remove the wooden forms and round the edges as well. Consulting with a professional for tips and tricks is a great idea before beginning this job.

When the concrete garage floor has been poured and it is completely dry, you should wait at least seven days before constructing the building. This job takes quite a long time, so if you do not have the time available yourself then it is perfectly acceptable to hire a professional to get the job done. However, if you have set aside the time then it is possible to get the job done right yourself. It is always good practice to consult a professional before beginning a project of this magnitude.

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by D. Karlson


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