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Submitted by: Katelyn Murphy

HGirls always try to do something unique with their rooms, whether we look at the cabinets, study tables, beds or the walls. Everything that a girl does or puts up at her place would have to be perfectly as per her taste. It is completely contrary to boys who would rather spend their time not bothering about coordinating their room, and usually make more knee-jerk decisions on what they want to put up or take down.

Girls wall stickers are a favorite among the fairer gender. There are various reasons why girls wall stickers have become popular and at the very onset, it has to do with the sheer variety of the designs. The second factor would have to be the price. It is not always that a family can spend a fortune on getting the best wall paint in the country that boasts of designer shades and has a unique flavor to it. It is only using girls wall stickers that you can make your room truly unique and exclusive, satiating your preferences and also not costing you a fortune to get them.

The popular themes of girls wall stickers today happen to be animals, princesses, Disney princess, Tinker bell, flower and floral designs. Sea life and ocean inspired blends are great too, especially for a surf-themed room. Girls also tend to choose butterfly or ladybug decor, which can be great when accented by wall trees.

Character-wise, Winnie the pooh and hello kitty are some great girl themes, as are Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer. For a more general look, fashion and bling hooks can be added to a girls bedroom, along with fantasy, dancer, or ballerina themes.

Your little one may also like movies and TV inspired designs, sports or stickers that are personalized with her very own name. It would be dependent on your age and preference or if you are a mom selecting a few for your little one then what might impress and entice her the most should be the topmost priority. Given the variety of designs and also the affordable range of prices, girls wall stickers are the best way to deck up your little ones room – sometimes virtually instantly – and for the cheapest cost.

Finally, if you want to really make an impact? Nothing looks more amazing and dramatic than a full-size wall mural. There’s an incredible array of girls themed wall art that comes in easy-to-install pre-pasted strips, in sizes ranging from 6×10 to 9×12 feet. For example, turn an entire wall of your little girls’ room into a fantasy princess scene complete with castle, horse-drawn pumpkin carriage, fairies, and more!

Buying girls wall stickers is fairly easy these days, especially considering the wide variety of decals available to be shipped right to your home. These stickers are easy to install and you wouldnt need any additional help from any expert. Most come in peel and stick format, and these are both removable and repositionable. Some of the larger XL wall murals are pre-pasted however, and you just need to ensure that your walls are primed and ready. Some stickers have certain prerequisites of the kind of walls they can go onto. This is one factor you may wish to consult while dealing with a wall decal company or while picking a design.

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PVC boots: Evolvement During The Eras of 60s and 70s


Sheila Best

Gogo pvc boots were created in the 60s. The style has enjoyed a recent comeback, with certain changes that bring them more up to date. The word gogo comes from the French. ” gogo” meaning ‘abundance’ from “la gogue,” which in turn, means happiness. The word was initailly used to describe dancers in the mid sixties, and later adopted as the pvc boot style worn by those dancers.

Often of knee high height and low heel, the boots were chosen in the 60’s for accentuating the shape of the wearer’s legs. Together with micro mini skirts, they helped to profile a woman’s leg previously covered to below the knee. Gogo boots were also the start of boots as fashion rather than functionality. Until the 60’s, boots were worn by women around the farm or in the city during snow or rain. Now they had become everyday footwear.

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While white pvc or leather, the boots were a hit in the US, the trend took off in the UK. Black kink boots grew in popularity and were exactly the opposite of the gogo. Usually white, kink boots were black. Gogo boots had low or flat heels and squared toes, kink boots had spiked heels and pointed toes. The two trends helped establish the boot for everyday wear that modern women currently enjoy. Gogo boots inspired many of todays styles.

Today, gogo is used to describe knee high boots worn with short bottoms like skirts or shorts. Many of today’s knee high boots evolved from the simple gogo or kink styles. The older gogo boot, however, can still be found today. Many NFL cheerleaders wear versions as part of their uniform.

Today’s retro look has returned the popularity of traditional gogo boots. But white is no longer the strongest seller. Browns, blacks and blues are popular, particularly when worn with with gauchos, denim mini skirts, Capri pants, and shorts.

Today’s pvc boots bear a resemblance to riding boots often seen in English riding stables. And even the traditional white gogo boots have enjoyed a rebirth, worn by some of today’s top celebrities.

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Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

One of the longest, hardest, and most stressful parts of enduring a break up? Waiting for your ex to call you. If your girlfriend put an end to your relationship and you’ve been trying to get her back, getting your interested in you again should be your first priority. When it comes to winning her over, making your girl want and need you back is the biggest asset you can have in your favor.

So you got dumped… and you still want her back. By now, you’ve probably read a lot about how to get back an ex girlfriend. You may have even tried a whole bunch of things to turn her around. But in the end, if your ex girlfriend hasn’t called yet, you may feel like you’re back at square one. And even worse, you may be tempted to make the ultimate mistake – calling her.

Getting back together after a break up isn’t something you want to learn through trial and error. There are right and wrong ways to fix a broken relationship… moves that are golden, and moves that will send your ex screaming in the other direction. Just because your ex hasn’t picked up the phone yet doesn’t mean she’s completely forgotten about you. Getting your ex to miss you can sometimes take a while, depending upon the approach you take and how much you’re willing to leave her alone.

Not Chasing Your Girlfriend After The Break Up

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Perhaps the biggest blunder guys make after getting dumped is the relentless chase and pursuit of an ex girlfriend. Let’s face it, rejection sucks. In our ultra-competitive nature, we guys just hate to lose. And since losing is associated with giving up, most guys refuse to know when to quit… they won’t take no for an answer, and won’t take their girlfriend’s words at face value. If you want to get back together with your ex again, it’s important to realize something big: you can’t change your girlfriend’s mind right now. So don’t even try.

The harder you push, the faster she’ll run. Women usually love the attention of being desired, but in this situation it’s actually going to hurt your chances of getting your ex back. By allowing your girlfriend some space, and by not chasing her, she won’t flee the scene. Instead, she’ll still be around… giving you the chance to show her how much you really

don’t need her

. Even though getting your ex back might be the only thing on your mind right now, you can’t ever let her know how needy or desperate you are. Losing your girlfriend’s respect is going to make things ten times harder… winning her back when she doesn’t respect you is like trying to swim against the tide.

Getting Your Ex To Chase You Instead

All break ups have one thing in common: you’ll never get back together until your exgirlfriend


you back. To achieve this goal, you need to be something she desires again. Remember who and what you were when you first met, and work on becoming that person again. Over time, we all slack off. Ultimately, your girlfriend fell in love with you because you had one or more of the following traits: drive, ambition, confidence, humor, strength, security, and happiness. Maybe you lost some of those things lately. Maybe the shiny new glow of your relationship wore off. Whatever the case, you need to identify it and correct it if you’re wondering why your ex girlfriend hasn’t called you. Just wanting her back isn’t good enough – and this is the mistake most guys make. You have to make her want you back as well.

Your ex will chase you when she’s curious about you again. This can’t happen if you’re still around every day, sitting in plain sight, doing the same things you’ve always been doing. To create an atmosphere where she’s excited about seeing and hearing from you, you’ll have to do things to improve your own situation. This means hitting the gym, buying fresh clothes, meeting new people and starting new hobbies. Working on yourself externally will help your internal situation as well. You’ll gain confidence, and you’ll start channeling positive vibes. When you’re going out with friends and having a great time without her, your ex girlfriend will notice. When you’re laughing and enjoying your life again, your ex will wonder why she dumped you in the first place. These are all things that will make your girlfriend jealous, and that’s a great thing. Because when you create a life that she wants to be a part of? This is when your ex will call you. This is when she’ll suddenly will want you back again.

Coming Up With a Step by Step Plan

Just as with anything in life, planning things out will always help you succeed. When it comes to getting back an exgirlfriend, this is no exception. There are a number of great methods and techniques for making your ex need you in her life again, and the more of these you know, the better off you’ll be. The chances of reversing your break up depend solely on how much planning you’re willing to put into it, as well as how strong you can be in sticking to that plan – especially the parts that require you to give your girlfriend the space she needs to miss you.

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you need – even in the case when your ex girlfriend hasn’t called.


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