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Tips for Moving with Children


Jordan Rocksmith

Whether you’re moving yourself or using professional movers like those found at,moving is a lengthy, complex, and difficult task to complete–and it just gets more difficult if you have children. Not only do they have a lot of extra stuff for you to pack, but going through a move can be difficult for them, and they may become moody, irritable, or depressed during the process. Here are a few tips to help make the packing process easier for you, and to help make the move easier on your child.

Separate Essentials

With your child’s help, go through their room several weeks before the move and begin to separate the essential items from the items they won’t be needing before you move. Let them pick out their favorite clothes, toys, and books to keep, and pack away the other things they won’t be needing. Not only does this let you get a jump start on packing well before the move, but involving your child helps them to feel like they still have control over something at a time when they may otherwise feel helpless.

Plan Your Trip

Planning how you’re getting to your new home is an essential step in the moving process, and it is an opportunity to make the move an adventure your child can look forward to. If you’re driving a long distance to your new home, sit down with your child and research fun and interesting places you can stop along the way. This will help the drive to seem like less of a mindless journey to Point B, and more of a fun road trip with the family. Allowing your child to pick stops is also a way to help them feel in control of some part of the moving process.

Learn about the Destination

In addition to researching fun sites to see on your way to your new home, you should also research fun sites to see in your new city. Look up local restaurants, parks in your neighborhood, and fun places to visit like zoos, museums, and amusement parks. You should also do research with your child to learn more about their new school. This can help them get excited about the future and look forward to their new home.

Overnight Bag

Right before it’s time to move, every member of your family should pack an overnight bag, or a suitcase, if you will have a few days before you have access to your items again. Help your child pack their bag to ensure all of the essentials are included, but let them pack the toys and books they want to take with them. This can make the trip seem like a fun vacation for them.

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